Final Cockpit Textures?

Lots of tweaking the various textures and finding references for bits of text around the cockpit and I think it’s pretty much done.  There may need to be a quick re-render for the F1 cockpit as it was laid out a bit differently but that’s it.


The red on the radar screen needs to be changed to black to act as a mask for the land you wouldn’t be able to see due to the Earth’s curvature, once the maths is spot on.  The only other bit of coding is to add the electrical circuit for some of the gauges as something seemed to change with P3D 4 that stopped them working.


Coming in to land at St Barts using FlyTampa’s scenery for the area, definitely worth picking up if you fancy a challenge.  You should be able to make out a bit more detail on the main panel, and the gauges that aren’t currently working!

You can also make out the fixed and gyro reticles on the gyro gun sight, to see how they work here’s a WW2 instructional movie.

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