Too Subtle?

I’ve started making new textures for the external model using Quixel, the question is are the rivets too subtle?  In reality most of the air-frame is flush riveted so they don’t really show up until you’re quite close, but does this look realistic in P3D?  First picture is a quite bad shot of the Fleet Air Arm Museum’s F1 that I took a few years ago, note although I’m quite close only the larger fasteners really pop out.

FAAM June 10 021

This next shot is in Prepar3D, ignore the shiny spinner that still needs to be textured.


Are the rivets visible enough?  They’re currently only on the bump map so it’s just variations in the surface showing, which I like as it’s effectively what you get in reality, but is that enough for the sim?  Any thoughts in the comments appreciated.

Incidentally I have no idea what the lumps in front of the Museum’s Firefly’s windscreen are, they don’t seem to feature on in service aircraft!

2 thoughts on “Too Subtle?”

  1. Looks good to me Skippy. I think a lot of bump mapping is over done in FSX/P3d TBH.
    Maybe a little highlighting in the spec channel?


    1. Agreed Dave, I was pleasantly surprised when Quixel produced quite subtle bump maps from a fairly basic input.
      I’ll have a look at adding something to the spec map tomorrow.


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