More Colour Schemes

A few shots of some new colour schemes.  814 NAS who were slightly unique in having a lightning flash on the nose, a Thai Navy example from before they were made to give them to the Air Force, an Ethiopian Air Force example, and an early Royal Netherlands Navy F1.

Planning on adding an RCN aircraft as well for the final release along with the paint kit.

6 thoughts on “More Colour Schemes”

    1. At the moment I’m planning on releasing it via a number of the dedicated payware sites, e.g. SimMarket, FSPilotShop, etc. Although they charge more commission than Payloadz, who we used with FlyingStations, I think they’re probably better in terms of distributing updates, and making it visible to Flight Sim users who aren’t otherwise aware of it.
      I’d welcome anyone’s thoughts on good an bad distribution channels.
      There will now be a slight delay while I work on an exhaust flame effect and the manual.


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