A couple of pictures I found in 827 Naval Air Squadrons diary when I was at the National Archives. This were both taken in 1948-49 while they were in the Mediterranean and show that the post war colour scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky took a while to be applied. There’s another less clear photo of all their aircraft lined up at Hal Far in Malta and no two seem to have the same scheme!

827 Diary 01

827 Diary 02

Finally finished typing the manual up, the first draft is here if anyone fancies a preview Firefly Manual. Just the finishing touches with the installer and setting up accounts to distribute it.

2 thoughts on “Manual”

  1. Interesting photos – they’ve had their ASH radar nacelles removed and they still seem to retain the aircraft numbering imposed on them by the Americans when the British Pacific Fleet was part of the U.S. 5th Fleet as Task Force 57 in the last months of the war.


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