So originally I hadn’t planned on doing an FSX version, but it may not be as hard as I thought, although a few features will probably have to be dropped.  Would there be much interest if I did a version for the older sim?

Okay so based on the response I’ll look at getting an FSX version out after I get back from my holiday, probably around the end of October.

8 thoughts on “FSX?”

  1. I for one would love to be able to use it in FSX – then I can fly it out of RNAS Inskip that I built & RNAS Burscough that I’m building in ADE. In other words, take the old bird home!


    1. That’s great news! Hope you have a great holiday. I’m going to get the P3D version as well, just as soon as I’ve saved up for actual P3D! This Firefly’s the motivation I needed. P3D’s something that was just a speck on the FS horizon a year or two ago, but seems to now be looming larger in the sim world. I know damn well I’m gonna get it eventually – it might as well be now. The price took me back a bit though, but what the hell!


  2. OK, Skippy – thanks for the clarification. I’ve read up on it now & kinda get it. It’s a strange situation for sure! Seems to be something to do with the agreement between LM & MS to use FSX as a base for P3D. Just download, agree not to be entertained & get on with it!!!


  3. I’m surprised that this Firefly was not made for FSX. Surely more simmers use FSX than Prepare3d ?
    Indeed I’m sure that those simmers following it’s progress, on Flying Stations, were fully expecting it to be for FSX.


    1. To be honest I’m not sure what the numbers for either sim are. Basically as each version of P3D came out I updated to it, consequently the final Firefly model didn’t initially export to FSX. It took me three days to find a way to get it to work after I saw the potential demand. I still need to recompile some gauges for 32 bit and figure out what to do about the internal lighting and the radar. So it’s not that straightforward modelling for both dims unless you don’t use any of the capabilities of P3D.


      1. Thanks very much for this Firefly, Skippy. You’ve done a great job. I’ve been flying it around P3D & it looks great. Fantastic detail and feels good to fly. The jury’s still out on P3D, though, for me. Feels a bit like starting FSX from scratch, although I’m encouraged some people have managed to get Tile Proxy working in it – saves a fortune in buying scenery if I can get it to work. Besides that though, well done!!


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