So it turns out there are a lot of parts in the wing now. More than 200. So it’s taken me a few weeks to get all the mapping done. Now that’s finished I can finally mirror it and look vaguely symmetrical in flight!

It was only once it was in P3D I realised I hadn’t set the animations for the starboard gear and flaps but that’s only a few minutes work.

The propeller and exhausts still need to be modelled plus some detailing on the fuselage but other than that the basic exterior is done. The more observant may have realised I’ve basically now got a Spitfire Vc, not a Seafire. That’s intentional, the next step for the exterior after it’s all mapped will be adding the parts for a Seafire II, but I’ll probably release the Vc as well as it’s no additional work as long as I save a copy of the model file before I cut the hole for the arrestor hook!

2 thoughts on “Symmetry”

  1. It’s very interesting to see this WIP & realise how much graft is involved. Looking forward to this one, though getting a Seafire onto a carrier will no doubt be a challenge- as they tell us it was in in real life. Thanks for the update.


  2. Thanks for the feedback! It’s actually a lot easier with the Seafire than some aircraft as there are scale drawings of just about every part available. For the Firefly I was still making educated guesses for some parts even after going and poking the one in the Fleet Air Arm Museum!


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