Just a quick post to show the beginnings of the interior. The instrument panel uses a lot of standard instruments that I’ve modelled before but as I’ve got dimensioned drawings for them I’m remodelling them. I should still be able to reuse the gauge artwork which will speed things up a bit.

2 thoughts on “Cockpit”

  1. Glad to know this is progressing, Skippy. Looking forward to this one. Your Firefly F1 (1772 Sqn) features on a screenshot I posted Simviation yesterday. Quite what an FAA aircraft with SE Asia markings is doing buzzing a major historical monument in Turkey I have no idea!!

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  2. Thanks, having actual plans for the cockpit should make things quicker than the Firefly. Although it seems to mean there’s also a lot more texturing to do!
    Nice shot on Simviation, that hardly counts as lost in my book, it was at least in the right hemisphere!


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