Worryingly over a year ago I said I’d add TacPack to the Firefly! The screenshots above show I’ve actually got around to finishing it off by making the rockets, and bombs, work along with the guns. The eagle eyed will spot the rockets turn into HVAR after leaving the rails because VRS haven’t got a 60lb RP model yet.

There’s a bit of tweaking to some gauge code to stop the built in weapon firing from functioning if TacPack is installed (currently I get round it by using a different trigger button) and then I’ll issue an update. Basically if you have TacPack it will take precedence, if you don’t the original system should work seamlessly.

If you’ve ever used Henrik’s Global AI Ship Traffic you’ll have realised it’s a labour of love. He’s currently working on adding some Falklands Conflict shipping and was on the hunt for a Wessex HU5 to put on the deck of Fearless and the Atlantic Conveyor. So in a fit of enthusiasm I managed to convert the old Flying Stations AI HAS1 into a passable static model.

Not sure what the expected release is for the Falklands traffic but hopefully in the next few months.

Right I should probably get back to the Seafire…

2 thoughts on “TacPack”

  1. Hi Phil,

    Are VRS aware there is a need for a 60lb RP (and other common sizes)? My impression is they’ll make the effort to include such things if asked (and esp. if one is willing to hand over a CAD file for such) AND if there is a demand… but they won’t if there isn’t evidence of an aircraft to go with it. Now the Firefly is TacPack-ed the evidence and demand is certainly there!

    This would also open up the possibility of putting such RP on other TacPack-ed aircraft, such as the Sea Fury if it got the treatment?! 😉


    1. Hi Andy,

      Somewhere on my to do list is contacting VRS about adding 60lb RP and UK 1000lb bombs etc. Ironically lock down has given me no extra time to do this as work gave me a laptop!!


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