Slow Progress

For some reason, mainly a desire to remain in full time employment, lock-down hasn’t given me as much time as I’d have liked to work on the Seafire. On the plus side I think I’ve got the instrument panel all modelled now, stand fast the hook lowered indication light which is just a copy of the one to the right of the VSI.

There’s still a bit of texturing to do but the hard part of marking up the gauges is done along with setting the animation limits, although some still need the coding to drive them written.

Incidentally if you’d like to know more about the Seafire, Mortons Books have just released a book on the type by the aviation historian Matthew Willis. Well worth picking up a copy, if only to point out what I’ve got wrong so far!

Finally I’ve set up a RedBubble shop with a few designs I’ve had lying around for a while. This was mainly because I wanted a British Pacific Fleet roundel sticker for my laptop and couldn’t find one anywhere!

4 thoughts on “Slow Progress”

  1. BTW, many thanks for the heads-up on the new Seafire book. I wasn’t aware of the new Swordfish book either.


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