Part of the reason for the lack of recent activity was waiting for MS Flight Simulator to be released to see if I it was where I wanted to focus activity. Having figured out how to get aircraft into the new format I think I will because it’s so much better than the legacy platforms.

I’ll be playing with getting the Sea Fury up and running as a precursor to finishing the Seafire in the new format.

4 thoughts on “MSFS”

  1. Hi Skippy, that’s fantastic news! The new MSFS is truly amazingly, jaw droppingly excellent, but we do want to be flying our warbirds if we can! & there ain’t none – not until the devs catch up, anyway. Glad to hear from you & good luck.
    I started up the new MSFS & it prompted me to enter my user name, I input ‘Ozrico’, naturally, and some buggers nicked it. Very dischuffed… 😦


    1. Thanks! I’m not sure how link it’s going to take as I think the textures will need to be reworked to take advantage of the new features. I’d like it to look like it belongs in MSFS rather than being a simple port over, I’ll probably add a bit more detail too.
      Very rude your user name has been taken! Hope you found a decent alternative!


  2. Skip, it’s Rip Kirby from our old Ark Royal build days, if your still reading these get a hold of me on facebook …….search for Ripp Kirby (yes two P’s)


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